Deus in Adjutorium meu intende


“Vesperis in Festis Beata Mariae Vergine” is a set of daily prayers of the Catholic Church which have remained structurally unchanged for 1500 years. The introductory “Deus in Adjutorium” presents a theme rich in new sonorities and contrastes which, when played, gives to the audience a rich surround feeling. In this arrangement, the composer uses all the Brass sound characteristics to reforce all this contrasts giving it an even greater grandeur.


Ca. 3 min.

– 2 Piccolo Trumpet in A
– 4 Trumpets in Bb
– Flugelhorn
– 2 Horns in F
– 3 Tenor Trombones
– Bass Trombone
– Euphonium
– Tuba


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