Cantar a terra


In the form of rhapsody, the composer uses traditional songs from “Minho” and “Cante Alentejano” who the people from S.Paio de Antas sung during the work in the agriculture. The composer modified theses songs giving them a contemporary interpretation, particularly in terms of their harmony and rhythm. “Cantar a terra” is a tribute to the S.Paio de Antas’s people who greatly support the Wind Band and its culture.


ca. 14 min.

– Piccolo
– 2 Flutes
– Oboe
– Basson
– Clarinet in Eb
– 3 Clarinets
– Bass Clarinet
– 2 Alto Saxophones
– Tenor Saxophone
– Baritone Saxophone
– 3 Trumpets
– Flugelhorn
– 4 Horns
– 3 Trombones
– Euphonium
– Tuba
– Double Bass
– Timpani
– Percussion


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